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Antenatal Appointments

At Grosvenor Gardens Healthcare, located in the prestigious areas of Belgravia and Dulwich, London, we provide expert and personalised antenatal care tailored to the unique needs of every expectant mother. Our experienced team is dedicated to supporting you through every stage of your pregnancy, whether you are experiencing a low-risk or high-risk pregnancy.

What is Antenatal Care?

Antenatal care is crucial for monitoring and supporting the health and development of both the mother and baby during pregnancy. Regular appointments allow our healthcare professionals to detect and manage any potential issues early, ensuring a safer pregnancy and delivery.

Understanding Low-Risk and High-Risk Pregnancies

Low-Risk Pregnancies Most pregnancies are low-risk, which means they are not expected to have significant complications. Women with low-risk pregnancies are generally healthy and do not have pre-existing health conditions that could affect pregnancy. In these cases, routine antenatal appointments are focused on monitoring the baby’s growth, maternal health, and preparing for a normal delivery.

High-Risk Pregnancies A high-risk pregnancy is one that has an increased risk of health complications for the mother, baby, or both. This can be due to various factors, including pre-existing medical conditions, complications that arise during pregnancy, or multiple pregnancies (twins, triplets, etc.). Women with high-risk pregnancies require closer monitoring, which may include more frequent antenatal visits, specialised tests, and interventions to manage any complications.

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    Our Approach to Antenatal Care

    Our approach to antenatal care is guided by the latest medical standards and tailored to individual needs:

    • Personalised Assessment: Comprehensive evaluation at every visit to ensure the health of the mother and baby.
    • Informed Choices: We discuss all available screening tests and interventions, empowering you with the knowledge to make informed decisions.
    • Continuous Support: Our team offers consistent support and advice, providing reassurance and guidance throughout your pregnancy journey.

      What to Expect During Antenatal Appointments

      During your antenatal appointments at Grosvenor Gardens Healthcare, you can expect:

      • Routine Checks: Monitoring blood pressure, weight, baby’s growth, and overall well-being.
      • Diagnostic Tests: Blood tests, urine tests, and ultrasounds as needed to monitor the pregnancy’s progress.
      • Education and Advice: Guidance on healthy eating, exercise, and preparation for childbirth and parenting.